How to lock/unlock aadhaar Card? Follow these easy Steps

How to set Aadhaar Lock & Unlock for Data Security

Tired of security concerns surrounding your Aadhaar data? Introducing Aadhaar Lock & Unlock, your shield against unauthorized access and a crucial tool for secure identity management in the digital age.


What is Aadhaar Lock & Unlock?

Think of it as a privacy fortress for your critical Aadhaar details. Locking essentially puts a shield around your information, restricting unauthorized access. Need to use your Aadhaar? No problem! Just temporarily unlock it for specific entities and purposes, ensuring granular control over your data.

Why Should You Use It?

  • Fortress Your Data: Prevent fraudulent use of your Aadhaar information by adding an extra layer of security.
  • Breathe Easy: Gain complete control over who can access your Aadhaar and when, offering peace of mind in today's data-driven world.
  • Minimize Fraud Risk: Stay ahead of potential scams and safeguard your identity from misuse.

Mechanism of Aadhar Card Lock/Unlock :


  • Restricts access to your Aadhaar details, except for your name and photo, offering a basic security layer.
  • Obtain a Virtual ID (VID), your temporary access key, for authorized unlocking when needed.
  • Lock your Aadhaar conveniently online through the UIDAI website or offline at designated centers.


  • Grant temporary access to specific entities (like banks or government agencies) for authorized purposes.
  • Time-bound unlocking ensures access only for the specified duration, minimizing data exposure.
  • Unlock online or offline based on your preference.

Crucial Considerations:

  • Locking your Aadhaar doesn't affect existing e-KYC linkages.
  • Choose strong and unique VID passwords, and remember, never share them with anyone.
  • Faced with technical issues or forgotten VIDs? UIDAI support is readily available to assist you.

Unlocking the Power of Secure Identity

Aadhaar Lock & Unlock empowers you to become the guardian of your own identity. By understanding its functionalities and following security best practices, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing your data is in safe hands.

Ready to take control? Explore the following resources:


  • This blog post provides informational guidance. For official guidelines and updates, always refer to the UIDAI website.
  • Secure your Aadhaar, secure your identity!


What is Aadhaar (UID) Lock & Unlock?

For a resident, security and privacy of personal data is always a primary concern. To strengthen the security of his/her Aadhaar number and to provide control to the resident, UIDAI provide a mechanism of locking and unlocking Aadhaar number (UID).
Resident can lock his or her Aadhaar (UID) via UIDAI website ( or through mAadhaar app.
By doing this Resident cannot perform any sort of Authentication using UID, UID Token & VID for Biometrics, Demographic & OTP modality
If resident wants to unlock UID he/she can do so by using latest VID, through UIDAI website or mAadhaar app.After unlocking Aadhaar (UID), resident can perform authentication using UID, UID Token & VID.

How can resident Lock UID?

For Locking UID, Resident should have 16 digit VID number and it's a pre-requisite for locking. If resident don't have VID can generate via SMS Service or UIDAI website (
SMS Service. GVID space last 4 or 8 digit of UID. SMS to 1947. Ex- GVID 1234.
Resident may visit UIDAI website (, Under My Aadhaar tab, Click on Aadhaar Lock & Unlock services. Select UID Lock Radio Button and enter UID Number, Full Name, and Pin Code as in latest details and enter Security code. Click on Send OTP or select TOTP and click on submit. Your UID will be locked successfully.

How can resident Unlock UID?

For Unlocking UID resident should have latest 16 digit VID and if resident forgot 16 digit VID he can retrieve latest VID through SMS services.
RVID Space last 4 or 8 digit of UID. SMS to 1947. Ex- RVID 1234
To unlock UID, resident may visit UIDAI website (, select Unlock radio button, Enter Latest VID and security Code and click on send OTP or select TOTP and click on Submit. Your UID will be unlocked successfully.
Resident may also use Aadhaar lock or unlock service through mAadhaar app.

I forgot my VID. How can I get it after locking UID?

After Locking UID if resident forgot VID, Resident can make use of SMS service to Retrieve 16 digit VID. Resident will receive VID on his/her register mobile number.
Send SMS to 1947 from Aadhaar Register mobile number,
RVID Space last 4 or 8 digit of UID.
Ex:- 1234


In today's digital world, safeguarding your personal information is paramount. Aadhaar Lock & Unlock equips you with the power to do just that. By understanding its features and adopting secure practices, you can navigate the online landscape with confidence, knowing your identity remains under your control. Remember, securing your Aadhaar is the first step towards securing your digital self. Embrace this empowering tool and take charge of your identity today!

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